Monday, February 10, 2014

Writing Prompt III: Kenku Edition

Credit: Zak Sabbath (I think...)
Personally, I love using kenku (or tengu, as they are known in some later sources) as a low-to-mid level enemy in D&D adventures. They have the right amount of sinister looks and mysterious aurae for the henchmen of a bigger baddy. Early illustrations were often silly or less than menacing. Re-imaginations see them as truly terrifying (Dark Crystal, anyone?).

Remember they are bird-people... how would that translate? Hollow bones mean fragility, but also lightness useful for sneaking. Keen eyes mean strong spot checks. Sharp talons or beak could be used in a pinch.

Think about how their society might be structured. Where do they live? How do adventurers deal with them (both violently and diplomatically)?

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